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Take-Out Containers

Aluminum foil take-out pans, soup containers, deli containers, black plastic containers, foam hinged containers, clear hinged containers, portion cups, paper food trays
  • Aluminum Take-Out Pans

    Aluminum Take-Out Pans

    Round, Oblong (rectangular) foil take-out pans, matching foil lamininated board and dome lids. We carry the widest selection of foil take-out containers online, at the most reasonable prices. All pans are shipped in shipping cartons, double boxed .
  • Microwaveable Round Soup/Deli Containers

    Microwaveable Round Soup/Deli Containers

    Heavy duty round, plastic soup containers. Tight fitting lid provides exact fit, prevents leaks and spills. Intended for one-time disposable use, but these can be re-usable, both dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Microwaveable Black Containers

    Microwaveable Black Containers

    Heavy-duty black plastic containers with clear heavy matching lids. These are intended for disposable use, but can be re-used many times. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Round Clear Deli Containers

    Round Clear Deli Containers

    Clear round deli containers made by Placon. These containers are light duty for cold foods, yet sturdy enough for moderate use. 5 sizes available. One-size fits all lid provides a tight seal.
  • Foam Hinged Containers

    Foam Hinged Containers

    Foam Hinged Containers. Extensive line of to-go foam containers, various sizes from hamburger and sandwich boxes to medium and large containers. 3-Compartment containers available on three sizes.
  • Clear Hinged Lid Containers

    Clear Hinged Lid Containers

    Clear cold food hinged containers. 2 brands available, Durable economy line is sturdy enough for most uses. Dart containers offer added strength and crystal clear clarity. Available in several sizes.
  • Foam Food Containers

    Foam Food Containers

    Dart foam food containers. Matching lids available for all sizes, ranging from 4 oz. to 48 oz. Ideal for cold or hot foods, economical food packaging from Dart-Solo.
  • Portion / Souffle Cups

    Portion / Souffle Cups

    Translucent portion cups with optional clear lids. Ideal for sauces, sides, jello shots and more. Available in 5 different sizes, more to come soon.
  • Paper Food Trays

    Paper Food Trays

    Plaid Paper Food Trays. Red checkered food boats, available in several sizes. Ideal for hot dogs, sandwiches, nachos, to-go food and more.